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Questions or feedback about our patient safety resource centre

Your feedback helps us to improve our resource centre. If you have questions about this resource centre, suggestions as to how it could be improved or you would like to suggest a new area of care please leave your comments below or email Ben.




Hello I was wondering if you could help me by forwarding any posters regarding hand hygine. I am a link nurse for infection prevention and control on my ward. I am compliling a notice board and would appreciate any posters you may have in order that i can put them on display. If you could help please forward onto J Taylor Welbeck Ward Bolsover Local Hospital Bolsover Chesterfield S44 6DH. Looking forward to a favourable reply. Thank you RGN Taylor
Hello, thanks for your question. We are checking to see if any of our programmes have developed posters that we could share with you. I will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks, Angela
I have just seen a Video presentation on the internet by a Dr Kenneth Pullman of the USA claiming a cure for Diabetes 1 & 2 is there any truth in this and if so can I ask my GP for this course of treatment/healthy living formula,on the NHS as I am currently on benefits. Yours Sincerely Shabz Singh Pall

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My brother-in-law is on insulin and is newly diognosed the last 2 weeks his sugar levels are up and down! with no change in his diet, can the cold weather affect the sugar levels.

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My name is Jenna Stewart and I go to day services Monday to Friday to meet new friends and do social activties with them my phone number is 01536 261536

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