Filter resources by focus area and profession

If you're working in one of the NHS England Patient Safety Collaboratives, we've tagged all of our resources according to the designated focus areas. We've also identified which resources we think are specifically useful to certain professions.

  • MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency)

    MHRA’s Medical Device Alerts is an alerting service which highlights concerns about specific medical devices and cascades and communicates information rapidly across a network of safety officers.

    It can be used as a reference resource for investigating the safety of medical devices or as a model for other reporting and alert communication systems.

  • ECRI Institute

    MDSR is not an alerting service, but a periodically updated review of the types of problems that have occurred with medical devices and lessons learned over the past three decades. It focuses on the steps that medical device users can take to prevent or reduce medical device risks to patient care and healthcare worker safety. Organised by tags or freely searchable, it serves as a reference database for medical device safety.

  • Biomedea / University of Connecticut

    This slideset from a Patient Safety workshop coordinated by Biomedea gives an introduction to the role of human factors and engineering in medical device malfunction and patient safety. Although some of the technologies mentioned as examples are dated, the principles remain up to date and are well outlined and communicated in this presentation.

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

    Evaluating and predicting patient safety in medical device use is critical for developing interventions to reduce such errors either by redesigning the devices or, if redesign is not an option, by training the users on the identified trouble spots in the devices.

    The team developed two methods for evaluating and predicting patient safety in medical devices with integral information technology, then applied and tested them on several infusion pumps.

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

    This paper describes the development, implementation, and progress of the MedSun program. Medical Product Surveillance Network (MedSun). The purpose of MedSun is to rapidly detect and understand previously unknown and serious problems, particularly close-call events.