Change in knowledge of midwives and obstetricians following obstetric emergency training: a randomised controlled trial of local hospital, simulation centre and teamwork training

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This paper explores the effect of obstetric emergency training on knowledge. Furthermore, it assess if acquisition of knowledge is influenced by the training setting or teamwork training.

Through a prospective randomised controlled trial, training was completed in six hospitals in the South West of England, UK and at the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre, UK. Change in knowledge was assessed by a 185 question Multiple-Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) completed up to 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the training intervention. The study found practical, multiprofessional, obstetric emergency training increased midwives’ and doctors’ knowledge of obstetric emergency management. Furthermore, neither the location of training, in a simulation centre or in local hospitals, nor the inclusion of teamwork training made any significant difference to the acquisition of knowledge in obstetric emergencies.

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