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Top ten resources looking at culture and leadership

Nurturing a safety culture is essential to reduce harm in an organisation.  The importance of a just culture is illustrated in “Annie’s story” and ‘How can leaders influence a safety culture?’  An engaged style of leadership is required to influence a safety culture.  This is discussed in the King’s Fund document ‘Together we can’ and ‘Leadership defines culture in healthcare’.  A tool that can be used to assess a safety culture is the Manchester Patient Safety Framework.  

  1. Effective networks for healthcare improvement: explaining the 5C wheel – The Health Foundation
  2. How can leaders influence a safety culture? - The Health Foundation
  3. Salford Royal’s journey to becoming one of England’s highest performing trusts
  4. Leadership defines culture in healthcare – The King’s Fund
  5. Annie's Story: How A Systems Approach Can Change Safety Culture - MedStar Health
  6. Staff Care: How to engage staff in the NHS and why it matters - Point of Care Foundation
  7. Ten measures of success for NHS boards – The Health Foundation
  8. Leadership and engagement for improvement: together we can – King’s Fund
  9. Human factors and safety culture in healthcare – The Health Foundation
  10. Manchester Patient Safety Framework (MaPSaF) - National Patient Safety Agency

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