Regulation and Governance

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Top ten resources looking at regulation and governance.

Regulation and governance are central to assuring that patient safety is being effectively managed and improved. They involve the setting, monitoring and enforcement of standards for patient safety through a wide range of organisational and social mechanisms. Governance also involves creating effective systems of oversight and accountability to ensure that patient safety is being properly managed and improved. The resources below provide tools and techniques to help develop these systems and also illustrate the consequences both personal, and on an organisational level, which occur when these key factors fail.

  1. Chris Ham in conversation with Sir David Dalton – The King’s Fund

  2. Joshua’s Story – Patient Stories

  3. Board Assurance Frameworks: A simple rules guide for the NHS – Good Governance Institute

  4. Asymmetry of influence: the role of regulators in patient safety – The Health Foundation

  5. Improving patient safety through responsive regulation – Judith Healy, The Health Foundation

  6. Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety: A Toolkit for Healthcare Board Members and Senior Leaders - Canadian Patient Safety Institute

  7. How-to Guide: Governance Leadership (Get Boards on Board) - Institute for Healthcare Improvement

  8. Guidance about compliance: Essential standards of quality and safety – Care Quality Commission

  9. Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust public inquiry: government response – Department of Health

  10. The Francis Report: Lessons learned – The Health Foundation

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