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Top ten resources looking at technology and design.

Technology and design have the potential to revolutionise healthcare but they can also provide challenges and cause patient safety concerns. Technology can be everything from electronic prescribing, medical imaging and robotic surgery, to checklists and medication labels. Research has shown many of the incidents and errors that occur in healthcare can be attributed to poorly designed technologies and systems. 

The resources below illustrate some specific examples of effective design of technologies, such as medications packaging, and they incorporate the most basic principles of effective design, focusing on ease of use, simplicity and transparency.

  1. Designing a better A&E - Design Council

  2. Designing with People: Putting people at the heart of the design process - Royal College of Art

  3. Improving Medical Device Incident Reporting and Learning - Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

  4. Why design starts with people - Sue Hignett, The Health Foundation

  5. Design for Patient Safety - Design Council

  6. Design for patient safety: A guide to the graphic design of medication packaging - National Patient Safety Agency

  7. Design for patient safety: A guide to the design of electronic infusion devices - National Patient Safety Agency

  8. Evaluating and Predicting Patient Safety for Medical Devices with Integral Information Technology - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

  9. A new dawn: The role of social media in diabetes education - Journal of Diabetes Nursing

  10. Measuring and improving patient safety through health information technology: The Health IT Safety Framework - British Medical Journal

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